Bernard Owens is a true master in the field of transformation and happiness. His transformational methods are innovative yet simple enough for anyone to understand. Bernard speaks with genuine passion about transforming lives and how to become truly happy along the way. Bernard’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and knowledge create an inspiring atmosphere. I highly recommend Bernard’s motivational talks to anyone striving for personal growth and satisfaction in life. Bernard’s empathy and deep understanding of his clients ensures they leave with new ways of thinking – ready to take control of their destiny and live the extraordinary life within reach.

Robert Franklin

Bernard Owens is a true inspiration. As a motivational speaker, he can inspire meaningful transformation in those who hear his talks. Bernard creates a space for us to think about our attitudes toward life and happiness and encourages us to take positive action with our newfound insights. Bernard’s approach is unique in how he sees each step of our journey as an opportunity to build toward fulfillment and joy. The effect of Bernard’s work far exceeds the moment spent listening – the impact of his lectures can lift our spirits months or even years into the future. Bernard is a motivating force, and I am so thankful for all he has given me through his speaking engagements.

Steve Silvers

Bernard Owens’ book The Only Thing Wrong With You is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. Bernard has written this masterpiece with creativity and insight, Not only does Bernard preach from his own personal experiences, but he also aptly applies them to real-world scenarios in an entertaining and educational way. I highly recommend The Only Thing Wrong With You for anyone looking for lasting change through thoughtful exploration of self-growth and development.

Thomas Carter

In every aspect, I appreciated Bernard’s stage presentation, he captivated the audience with his dynamic energy and engaging stories. His enthusiasm for the topic was contagious, leaving those in attendance motivated and excited about the possibilities of true personal happiness. He can explain complex concepts in simple terms, giving everyone a better understanding and appreciation of the subject matter being discussed. Bernard’s professionalism, assurance, and authority on this subject are unparalleled, setting him apart from his peers as an exceptional leader in the industry. I believe he would be a great addition to any company or public event looking to encourage positive personal transformation through motivated thinking.

Amos P. Howell

He is an incredible motivational speaker. He has a real talent for inspiring audiences and leaving them with a heightened sense of happiness and purpose after listening to his talk. His ability to relate to his audience while delivering his topics in an engaging yet professional manner creates a positive and memorable experience for everyone. Bernard’s drive towards creating better lives for everyone is praised by those fortunate enough to have seen his work, myself included. He is a powerful speaker that encourages growth, reflection, and, ultimately, happiness among all who are lucky to be in the presence of this motivational speaker.

Kristen Moses

Bernard Owens is an engaging and highly inspirational speaker with the rare ability to connect with his audience truly. His motivating speeches on transformation are captivating, making it easy to stay tuned for each insightful moment. Bernard explores the nuances of self-development, urging his listeners to become the best version of themselves. Through humorous anecdotes and thoughtful analysis, Bernard teaches how to unlock our personal potential and discover transformative success. Bernard’s words not only inspire action but encourage long-term change. It is without hesitation that Bernard receives my highest recommendation as a transformational speaker.

Juan Geiger

The Only Thing Wrong With You Is That YOU Think Something’s Wrong With You is a truly transformative book. As an expert motivational speaker, Bernard skillfully dives into the depths of self-love, identity, and the pursuit of happiness. His insight allows us to break free from all the negativity we seem trapped in day after day, allowing us to start this process of finding true purpose and joy in our lives. The book is brilliantly structured and well crafted with charming illustrations that help me tune into my powerful and loving core – what could be more motivating? If you’re looking for a guide for understanding and living your truth, The Only Thing Wrong With You Is That YOU Think Something’s Wrong With You is a must-read – it just might change your life.

Stuart Jan