The Only Thing Wrong With You

Is That YOU Think Something’s
Wrong With You.

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While most address this question rhetorically, Happiness Expert Amy Dix tells a story of what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you. But from a family tree inundated with premature deaths, the question of 7 days starts to feel more imminent.

…so where to start… How do we measure happiness?

Unleashing Your Inner Joy with Bernard Owens, Motivational Speaker

Bernard Owens believes in the power of enthusiasm. Through his work as a Transformational Speaker, he does not stop until he has uncovered what drives and inspires people to succeed. His inspirational presentations are positive and engaging, focusing on unleashing your inner joy. Bernard’s methods promote personal growth, offering a lasting influence on audience members. With help, you’ll understand how to use passion and energy to reach any goal. His empowering performance will lift your spirits as you shift into taking control of your life. Bernard provides the drive and motivation you need to discover what fulfills you and accomplishes greatness.

“Bernard, you were born for this!”__Les Brown
(Legendary Motivational Speaker)

The Only Thing Wrong With You...

Bernard Owens is an inspirational speaker, author, and life coach who dedicated his life to helping people unlock their true potential. His latest work, The Only Thing Wrong With You, provides readers with a roadmap for achieving greater personal happiness and transformation. Bernard’s unique approach to self-development combines elements of traditional psychology with positive thinking techniques that have been proven effective in improving mental health. He also draws on his experiences as a motivational speaker to provide practical advice that readers can easily apply in their everyday lives. Bernard’s book promises to give readers the tools to make lasting changes and create meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Bernard’s writing is insightful and entertaining, making The Only Thing Wrong With You an inspiring and empowering read. Bernard’s mission is to help people discover their inner strength and create a life filled with joy and purpose. Bernard Owens’ The Only Thing Wrong With You is an essential read for anyone looking to take charge of their future and live the life they dream of.

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Measuring Happiness With Bernard

The blurred line between what’s measurable and what’s pleasurable: defining happiness and striving for it.

The World Happiness Report (WHR) states that the US dropped from 11th to 19th place in the last decade. What’s responsible for this downward spiral, and what can we do to change our personal trajectory?

From a more informal survey, Amy Dix asked thousands of guests the question of 7 days. To no one’s surprise, the responses focused on happy times spent with loved ones, sharing wisdom to maintain happiness and the pursuit of personal growth.

Encouraged by the consistent responses, “The Happiness Artist” was born. Taking advantage of a world that slowed, river muck cleared away, and skies redefining the color blue, Amy Dix pursued a new hobby…painting.

Her pursuit of personal growth allowed her to share time and wisdom with loved ones. Happiness was just a few paint strokes away.

Watch Amy strike awe in your audience as she paints live, invoking creativity, elation, and engagement to your stage.

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Bernard Owens is a true master in the field of transformation and happiness. His transformational methods are innovative yet simple enough for anyone to understand. Bernard speaks with genuine passion about transforming lives and how to become truly happy along the way. Bernard’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and knowledge create an inspiring atmosphere. I highly recommend Bernard’s motivational talks to anyone striving for personal growth and satisfaction in life. Bernard’s empathy and deep understanding of his clients ensures they leave with new ways of thinking – ready to take control of their destiny and live the extraordinary life within reach.

Robert Franklin

Bernard Owens is a true inspiration. As a motivational speaker, he can inspire meaningful transformation in those who hear his talks. Bernard creates a space for us to think about our attitudes toward life and happiness and encourages us to take positive action with our newfound insights. Bernard’s approach is unique in how he sees each step of our journey as an opportunity to build toward fulfillment and joy. The effect of Bernard’s work far exceeds the moment spent listening – the impact of his lectures can lift our spirits months or even years into the future. Bernard is a motivating force, and I am so thankful for all he has given me through his speaking engagements.

Steve Silvers

Bernard Owens’ book The Only Thing Wrong With You is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. Bernard has written this masterpiece with creativity and insight, never providing before-seen advice to tackle some of life’s many challenges. Not only does Bernard preach from his own personal experiences, but he also aptly applies them to real-world scenarios in an entertaining and educational way. I highly recommend The Only Thing Wrong With You for anyone looking for lasting change through thoughtful exploration of self-growth and development.

Thomas Carter

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A Motivational Speaker on Happiness and Transformation